In the Blood of War, we will follow a handful of characters with focus on an ex-soldier, a master assassin and a veteran of a war long forgotten. Through different channels, as the group isn't together immediately, the characters learn that the final apocalypse is coming and that mankind's only hope lies in a few uniquely gifted children. In the process of trying to save the world, the characters will have to face terrifying enemies both human and inhuman, including themselves.

The Blood of War is set on a planet called Terra Prime, a far off world with an Earth-like atmosphere and similar gravity. We acknowledge that a different planet is an odd setting for a "fantasy" comic, but fantasy comes from perspective. The characters, whose eyes we'll be seeing the world through, don't understand the world they live in. General lack of knowledge, hard scientific knowledge, is a primary element in both the fantasy and even the horror of The Blood of War. As for traditional fantasy elements in the world, there is magic to bedazzle and there are monsters to be feared. The corners of the maps don't end in hard lines, but simply blur into the unknown.

Some of the elements incorporated in The Blood of War include fantasy, steampunk, and even a little science fiction.